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How to Order Hinges

In order to order a custom hinge, let's review some terminology:

A. LEAF WIDTH – the dimension from the center of the pin to the outer edge of the leaf.
B. KNUCKLE LENGTH – the nominal or typical dimension of the knuckle measured parallel to the pin.
C. HINGE LENGTH – the length of the leaves measured parallel to the pin.
D. HINGE WIDTH – the overall dimension of the leaves measured across the knuckle.
E. END PLAY – the amount of axial movement between the leaves.
F. PITCH – the dimension from a point on the knuckle to the same point on an adjacent knuckle on the same leaf.
G. PAINT CLEARANCE – the minimum dimension between the outer face of the knuckle and the opposing edge of the leaf cut out over the entire range of pivotal movement of the hinge.

In-Stock or Custom?

Do you need an in-stock hinge or a custom hinge? Many custom hinges can be manufactured by in-stock hinges. This reduces costs and lead-times signifcantlly. See below for a table describing the pros/cons of each method:

Methods 1 - Stock Hinge Modification 2 - Secondary Operations 3 - Full Custom
Cost $ $$ $$$
Quantity Low Mid High
Tooling No No Possible
Lead Time Fastest Mid Slowest

Do you need any secondary Operations?

Do you require any secondary operations? Monroe Hinge can offer many secondary operations including tooling, die tapping, deburring, staking, cleaning, heat treating, plating, anodizing, painting and much more. Please see our secondary operations for more information.

Please be sure to include the following with your order:

1. Quantity
2. Pin Diameter
3. Hinge Length
4. Open Width (unequal leaves, specify leaf widths)
5. Material Thickness and Type
6. Type of Swaging
7. Finish Required
8. Special Instructions (Hinges with Holes & etc.)


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