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Plastic Living Hinges

Monroe manufactures custom plastic living hingesLiving hinges (integral hinges) is a type of hinge made typically from plastic that has a thin section (bridge) that acts as a connection between two larger ridged plastic walls. Since living hinges are typically made from flexible polypropylene and are once continuous piece, they are extremely strong and typically can be used for millions of cycles without breakdown.

Plastic hinges can be injection molded, extruded, or via machining or stamping. The most durable of these is by injection molding.Monroe Living Hinges are plastic continuous hinges (plastic piano hinge). Our Living Hinge line of continuous (piano) hinges are a safe, non-corroding, economical alternative to our steel and aluminum piano hinge products.

Monroe Living Hinge are one-piece, molded, pinless hinges. These Living Hinges are manufactured for silent, maintennance free operation. Living Hinges never need lubrication. Monroe Living Hinges typically do not wear, fatigue, or deteriorate in the harshest conditions, including moist and corrosive applications. UV resistance is built in to our Living Hinge products providing protection from brutal effects of the sun. Our living hinges are manufactured from flexible alloyed polymers in standard colors: White & Black.

Some application examples are condiment bottle caps, golf cart window, computer stands and a range of medical applications including medical containers. Updated: 2/9/18

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